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Today we have the honor of introducing you to our very dear friend and colleague, Toni Parada, from Espacio y Vida real estate agency.
In addition to being part of the Mallorca Office family, he has been a friend of the family for almost 20 years!

Espacio y Vida is a real estate agency specialized in the real estate sector in Palma de Mallorca, and has many years of experience in the sector. Its headquarters are located in our business center and it has a large real estate portfolio of clients, which define Toni as a very attentive and efficient agent in everything he does.

He decided to start his own business in 2015, as he needed a change in his life. He had been working for other people for many years until he decided it was time to start a new journey! He has been his own boss from then until today and does not regret any moment of the decision he made.

Your real estate agency is flexible and that is why you enjoy our Virtual Office service. In addition, all his clients are more than grateful for his work, because he puts a lot of effort and dedication into everything he does. How it shows when a person puts his heart into what he does!

He describes himself as hyper-meticulous in his work and compares it to Yin and Yang. The Yang, because he knows that there is an emotion behind each purchase by the customer and you have to know how to understand very well what the needs of each one are, and the Yin, is the technical part, where you have to be a little "cold". There must be a basic balance between both concepts, in order to find the right home for each client.

Its website is currently under construction, but you can learn more about its properties by going to: or

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