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Licors Moyà has more than 130 years of experience. The Moyà Family, opened the doors of its business in 1890 to manufacture unique and unbeatable liqueurs. Since then, the company has been passed from generation to generation. Taking advantage of digital and insurance media, through "word of mouth", they have become known not only in Mallorca, but throughout Spain and also in the EU!

Last year they had the opportunity to celebrate their anniversary by preparing a wine tasting at the Hotel Valparaiso, where we had the privilege of attending

Apart from making their own liquors, they are also wholesalers and importers of prestigious wines with designation of origin from all over the world.

They, at their headquarters in Artà, create their own herbal liqueurs. They have also belonged to the Mallorca Office family for several years and currently have a table in our coworking, our most flexible space: the commercial team of Licors Moyà is always making visits to their clients and then they stop by the coworking to organize themselves or get together. In addition, they enter and leave with absolute freedom, 24/7, without depending on our reception hours!


Our friends at Licors Moyà, come loaded with news, such as the new line of home-made products such as Gin Baleàric or Vermouth Rumbo, which are a "Best Seller", not only for their quality-price, but also for its originality.

As every year, they present their Christmas catalog, and have all kinds of lots and Christmas baskets with different selected products, adapting to the needs and tastes of the consumer. They also have a large assortment of wines, cava, liqueurs ...

If you don`t know what to give these parties, don`t hesitate, Give Moyà!

Source: Mallorca newspaper

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