Don`t know what to do with your used masks? Do you want to collaborate with an ecological initiative and contribute to the circular economy?
Together with our colleagues from LAGO Medical Supplies Office No. 7, they have placed a recycling container for masks at the entrance to our terrace, supporting the fantastic initiative of Bäloop, a start-up that recycles textile waste to make new garments, revaluing these materials and generating an environmental as well as a social benefit.

The company was born in 2017, and since then, they have been growing remarkably. They are dedicated to the distribution of surgical and medical supplies. In other words, they supply the necessary utensils for operations in the operating room, as well as medical supplies for hospitals.

We are very happy to know that Lago Suministros Médicos has reached an agreement with Juaneda Hospitales, so that they carry out the circular economy of recycled masks. Juaneda hospitals already have more than 20 bin units to recycle masks and all thanks to the good ecological initiative of our colleagues!!

For more information, do not hesitate to contact them by phone 670289061 or on their website, which will be operational shortly: www.grupolago.es

17/01/2022 Categories: Office