Reception from MallorcaOffice


You will already meet the reception girls, they are Denisa and Candela. They are responsible to attend the needs of customers on a daily basis. They answer the questions that customers send to the email, answer and pass the calls, and if they cannot locate you in your office, they leave note by email.

They also take care of receiving visitors when they want to come and visit the center and they show the facilities, they also inform about the different products that we have and offer at MallorcaOffice. They receive your visits and they go along with them to the office or meeting room that you have reserved as well. Their schedule is from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and within it, they will be able to collect the shipping and the correspondence that arrives in your name, so if you had to go out to run errands, they will always be there to attend to delivery person and couriers, and they will leave it in your office or coworking, although if you have hired a virtual office, they will notify you and keep it until you can come get it.

They also print the documents you need and help you with the printer. They provide you with the office material you need and reserve the meeting rooms so that you can meet with your clients outside of your office.

Best of all, they always welcome you with a smile and a "good morning"!



13/01/2023 Categories: OfficeWebVideos