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We have caught Danweb`s colleagues talking about MallorcaOffice. Sitting at one of the Chillout tables, they comment on the business center, where they have contracted a Coworking, although a few months ago, they moved to office number 50. They talk about the location, the services offered and why they chose us.

Adrián and Daniel and Dulce are the people that make up Danweb, they define themselves, more than as an agency, as your colleagues, part of your team, so they can take care of the digital services of your business in a much closer way. in order to achieve success digitally. They take care of all digital tasks for their clients, such as the website, social networks, branding, digital marketing, SEO, technical service and more, everything a business needs. They have a very broad audience, since the clients they work with include gyms, driving schools, workshops, dealerships, schools, restaurants, offices...




03/03/2023 Categories: OfficeVideos