Our colleagues Bárbara and Manu from office nº1, are part of the RCI PAPER AND GRAPHIC ART team, and together with Silvia, they work hand in hand to achieve all the objectives set.

Silvia, in addition to being the manager of MallorcaOffice, also manages her RCI company from the office she has in the business center, since they have all the facilities to carry out her business and thus get the maximum profitability.

RCI was founded by Silvia`s father in 1998 and since then, the company has continued to operate effectively in Cuban territory. They are dedicated to the export of printing material and sanitary products. Its main clients are Cuban buying centers.

Both Silvia and Manu usually travel to Cuba regularly to attend to the needs of their clients in situ, as well as attract new clients.


19/05/2023 Categories: OfficeVideos