Surely many of you have already heard of the Cafè Nou de Sa Cabaneta. It is the town`s restaurant that came back to life on March 1, 2023, thanks to Silvia and Toño.

Since then, they have had the opportunity to participate in important local events, such as the Fang Tapa route or see how the newlyweds, who have just signed in the Marratxí town hall, come to toast and share some good tapas to celebrate. 

Cafè Nou is synonymous with True Fusion. These days there is a lot of talk about fusion, but we have indications that true fusion was invented, in the 1940s, at Café Nou.

Going back in the history of Cafè Nou, all you have to do is look at na Bárbara, who was a true Mediterranean matriarch who ran her mythical bar for more than half a century. And the same thing made you a rabbit with onion than a pamboli. Maybe he would give you a carajillo that would put the children in line to distribute chocolate. That spirit of fusion continues to permeate these four walls, and has been taken up by na Silvia, a 21st-century Mediterranean matriarch who welcomes a retiree who comes to “fer el café” with the same affection as a pro-steak-abrasa Scandinavian executive. The same thing serves you a montadito that throws you a party. This is true fusion. When the past and the future embrace. When locals and foreigners greet each other. When day and night merge into conversations, tapas, pouting and concerts.

Cafè Nou is guided by enthusiasm, honesty, communion and abundance and above all by the good vibes of the customers who fill them with their light every day.

They also invite you, yes, you, so that you can soak up the good vibes that exist at the Cafè Nou and savor the true fusion.

You can make a reservation through their website and discover more about them.

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