Samuel Bermúdez is located in office number 57 of our business center. He is dedicated to the distribution of aesthetic and health appliances. He has been in this sector for 9 years. In addition to having his own business, he is also a writer, and today he brings us:

"Unstoppable" is the title of his second book. This young entrepreneur has presented his new work in which he collects seven real stories of improvement and inspiration.

As the author himself explains, it is a gift that the protagonists have given him and the readers, telling experiences that show that sometimes a defeat is a great victory, `Samarino` aims to motivate the reader to achieve their goals through of the stories told in "Unstoppable".

Many stories will never come to our knowledge. This book, however, fights against the inevitable and gives us seven lives, seven inspiring stories for anyone. During the interviews conducted by Samarino we discovered how human beings are capable of overcoming any obstacle that is put in front of them.

He has been able to dig and get to the bottom of the natural resilience that characterizes us, and shows it to us in all its splendor.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can buy it directly through Amazon.

01/12/2023 Categories: OfficeWeb