We. Or what is the same, you. Because Mallorca Office is each of the companies that beat down the corridors; Mallorca Office is the synergies that are generated and shared, the camaraderie and the abundance.
Mallorca office is a business center that arises from the need to share. In a world where individualism and competitiveness prevail, we wanted to create a space to grow freely but connected.
Owners are the first to benefit from this philosophy; They are entrepreneurs from the graphic industry and the real estate world whose headquarters are in Mallorca Office. Every day they are nurtured by the diversity of the people and companies that pass through here, and in return they offer them a loving (and free) coaching service to focus their business and get the most out of it.
Every day we grow with you, the plants grow, the good vibes grow.

25/09/2018 Categories: OfficeWeb