"Passive houses are considered the homes of the future. In the 21st century, construction follows the path of #sustainability and #efficiency. The construction of these homes is characterized by the use of natural resources to achieve natural well-being. "
If you are interested in knowing more, do not hesitate to contact Magdalena Escanero of Conspal Eficasa Mallorca - Menorca, office nº 27.

CONSPAL EFICASA® began its journey in 2008 with the aim of offering a sustainable housing construction system that guarantees unbeatable thermal comfort, providing innumerable health benefits, our mission as a construction company is that you find the maximum benefits and energy savings at the best offering the price for this, the most adjusted price possible, and that is our differential factor, the value formed by the application of common sense, efficiency, honesty and constant innovation that allows us to face our projects with the clear objective of creating a winning relationship with our clients.

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