Malia Balear located in office 29, addresses a new stage in 2019, professionalizing its brand image, developing a new website for its clients and offering a professional advisory service on advertising gifts.

Who is Malia Balear
The person behind the brand
For many companies it is difficult to find the right promotional gift to help them attract or retain customers. There is a wide range of products that are not always ideal for a specific campaign or to represent a brand.

My goal is to help my clients have a successful communication through the promotional gift. My name is Amalia Álvarez and I can guide you both in the selection of the product and the design that best suits your objectives. The process is very simple: you send me your proposal, we arrange a meeting for you to explain your project to me and together we look for the product and its customization until you feel that we have found what you are looking for. I know the whole process of the merchandising sector. I started working in 2000 in a workshop with a screen printing, pad printing and embroidery machine, and in 2013 I decided to create my own brand, Malia Balear, specializing in the world of promotional gifts for small and large companies.

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