On May 27, we had the pleasure of receiving the Eva Garden team in our Training room!

Who are they:

Founded in 1979 and initially specialized in functional cosmetics with essential oils, EVAGARDEN aimed to become a benchmark in the field of make-up quality. The goal is pursued with a daily passion that, combined with attention to detail and attention to every aspect, has contributed to making EVAGARDEN a solid and always avant-garde brand.

EVAGARDEN`s make-up is, in fact, the result of a constant dedication to research: both in terms of the materials used and in attention to trends, fashion and styles. A universe that is daily nourished by glamorous suggestions and innovative beauty science proposals.

The continuous evolution in the design of the collections constantly reflects the desire to give life to products decidedly Made in Italy in realization, but of international inspiration, perfect products to give space to the expression of the multiple personalities of contemporary women. In this way, EVAGARDEN can transfer its passion to the market with a product that is always fashionable and of high quality: a real beauty treatment thanks to the functional active ingredients it contains.

A solid national sales network in the professional channel and two stores with a single brand have made EVAGARDEN a dynamic and active reality, capable of successfully appearing in foreign markets.

More than 30 countries have chosen EVAGARDEN, including: Germany, Spain, Benelux, Finland, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, etc.

All this allows the company to pursue its main objective: to satisfy the desires of all women!

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