First of all, thank all the clients who have passed through our ROOMS and who continue to count on us to hold their meetings at the facilities of our center, such as MTS, BNI, Grupo DRV, LevelUp, LifePlus, Abast, Licors Moyà, Kathmandu. .. among many others.

Working as a team is the key for any company to develop, grow and not be affected by the high competition that exists today, in addition to the well-being that effective teamwork can generate. Only through group work can different points of view be identified, combined and carried out, so it is vitally important to meet, talk, discuss and resolve any issue that arises.

We are social beings and getting together is part of our nature, for this a conducive environment is necessary, in which to be able to be at ease and at Mallorca Office we take this responsibility very seriously, from a small meeting with partners, to mass formations, passing For talks and outdoor activities in our chill out, our center is fully adapted to any need or concern of our customers, for this, our rooms have projectors and screens with sound for presentations, as well as blackboards and other material provided by the center, thus facilitating our purpose, well-being.

All our rooms are rented independently. They have different capacities and different distribution possibilities so that they adapt to meetings, talks, courses, showrooms, catering, etc. We have 5 rooms with capacities from 4 to 50 people.

In addition to our rooms, we have our new terrace-chill out, which can be reserved to take courses, talks, caterings, activities, meetings ...

So now you know, if you need a comfortable, modern, cozy, pleasant space or something natural and outdoors, do not hesitate to contact us at 971 706 882 or via e-mail to:

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