Last week we were at Factor M, coffee time with Merche Martínez, channel 4 radio program, where Silvia de Miguel, manager of Mallorca Office, along with Paola Somoza (Somoza Brands) and Carmen Moll (Neo Merchandising), clients and Good friends from the center were interviewed as special guests. A good morning full of laughter and pleasant moments, where apart from promoting good products and concerts, we could hear a little the essence of Mallorca Office and the story of how it all began. The interview can be heard via podcast in this LINK, and it is not wasted.

From minute 42:30, is when Silvia tells us about the beginnings of Mallorca Office, as a result of the crisis that was suffered back in 2009, she and her husband came up with the idea of Mallorca Office, whose main objective is to share , sharing is the soul of Mallorca Office, sharing expenses such as photocopies, calls, reception service, ... and being able to forget about them, but above all sharing experiences. Said by our own clients, a place where energy flows, perhaps because of the Feng-Shui study carried out previously of the facilities, a place where the good atmosphere prevails, where we can work at ease and help each other, have a laugh or enjoy from the sun in the chill-out, eat a good homemade dish in the MO canteen or if you prefer to bring your own tupper and heat it in the common area with microwave, come on, like at home, and that is also the idea of Mallorca Office, make our clients feel a family atmosphere.

In Mallorca Office they have room from small freelancers / companies to large multinationals, in the same way we have meeting rooms accessible both for our clients and for any company or individual who wants to have them.

From the interview it is also worth highlighting the personal experience of Paola Somoza, with which more than one will surely feel identified. And last but not least, a special mention to the first and last face that you will see when you arrive at Mallorca Office, we talk about our exceptional and always ready to help in whatever way, Denisa, receptionist at our center.

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