Today we introduce you to our colleague Viveka and her company Vivamax Mallorca.

Viveka is Swedish but has lived in Spain for more than 40 years. His agency performs real estate management and belongs to the network of ABSI Associació Balear de Serveis Immobiliaris. It is a non-profit association that groups together real estate companies from the Balearic Islands that share, through the MLS system, properties of clients who want to buy, rent or sell a property.

In the ABSI real estate portal, selling clients will find the best tool to sell their property and buyer clients will have at their disposal the largest exclusive real estate exchange in the Balearic Islands. The best homes with the best prices are, at the moment, managed by professional real estate agents.

If you need to buy or sell a property, do not hesitate to contact her or visit her website VIVAMAX MALLORCA. They can assist you in both Spanish and English or Swedish.

If you need a tax address like Viveka, that is, you do not physically come to the business center, but legally you have an address where you can receive your correspondence and parcels, we are your center. This option is ideal if you work from home to avoid mixing legal or business issues with personal ones.

To find out more information about our virtual offices, you can enter: MALLORCA OFFICE- OV

16/09/2019 Categories: OfficeWeb