At Mallorca Office we have a wide variety of offices of different sizes and adapted to the needs of our clients, one of these offices is occupied by Intermedia Seguros, where Roberto Rodriguez presents his new corporate image, the work of another of our clients, Paola Somoza, from Somoza Brands.

We know that hiring insurance is easy, what is not so simple is to hire the right insurance for you.

How to choose the policy that best suits you? In Intermedia Seguros they can help you.

1. If your insurance has been renewed automatically without you having time to look for a better alternative.
2. If you don`t want to spend hours making calls to Insurance Companies, or wasting time on websites comparing policies.
3. If you are clear that you are not an insurance expert, but you want to have the coverage that best suits you.
4. If you want to avoid an impersonal customer service, answering machine or payment number.
5. If no matter how hard you try to understand the policy, there are guarantees that are complicated for you.
... If you`ve ever thought of something similar, congratulations! you are in the right place.

Hiring through an Insurance Agent is no more expensive than hiring directly from an insurance company.

In addition, all are advantages for the client, since they benefit from the advice of an expert who will be in charge of the management and contracting of their policies and has a single interlocutor for any necessary communication in the future.

Intermedia Seguros is an Insurance Agency in Palma de Mallorca specialized in offering personal and professional advice, with which, in addition to getting a tailored policy, you will understand what what you are hiring consists of, and do you know what? They will also notify you of renewal the month before expiration.

They have been intermediating impartially between the insurance company and the client for more than 15 years, always looking for the best option for each case.

If you want to make sure you have the policy that best suits your needs each year, contact them. They will make you a budget without obligation and if you agree, they will take care of everything for free: find YOUR insurance, hire it, renew it, claim possible incidents, modifications, claims, etc ...

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