Today we introduce you to Tachi Leoz, she is a Mallorca Office Coworker. She is dedicated to studying the effects that Bach Flowers have on people. His intention is to share the resources that he has found over time to achieve living as much as possible in harmony with the environment.

Bach flowers are not a drug, they do not work based on an active molecular principle (a group of atoms with a specific effect) or its concentration. It is an energy or vibrational therapy. What is taken is not an extract of the plant but an energetic information conveyed in the essence.

Flower essences can help the stressed and exhausted person, those who are worried or angry, those who are discouraged, people who are living a grief, treat adaptation problems, relieve physical pain ...
Since I have been working with them I have seen and experienced very good results in individuals of all ages, from babies to the elderly. In animals and plants. Which gives me great joy.

In the words of Dr. Edward Bach:
“Through their high vibration, certain wild flowers, shrubs and trees of a higher order have the power to increase our human vibrations and clear our channels to the messages of the soul or Spiritual Self, flood our personality with the virtues that are us necessary and, in this way, wash away the defects (of character) that cause our evils. Like good music or other great things, capable of inspiring us, flowers are in a position to elevate our personality and bring us closer to our soul. In this way they give us peace and free us from our sufferings "

"The disease is not a coincidence, a punishment or a misfortune, it is a warning that something is not working properly, a call to make us understand that we are straying from the right path and, at the same time, an opportunity to rectify a wrong attitude"

The procedure is, after listening to the client, to elaborate a floral formula to help him become aware of the defects and be able to manage them in order to avoid that they are the ones that rule his life.

To any of you who are interested, call their attention or simply want to inquire, do not hesitate to contact Tachi through his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tachileoz/

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