Have you noticed the electric E-scooter at the entrance of our offices?

Sometimes we have to carry out some management that forces us to move to the center of Palma for a few hours and it is usually tedious to do it with our private vehicle, traffic jams, absence of parking, having to pay for a private or blue zone parking ...

In Mallorca Office we are aware of all these inconveniences and we want to propose a comfortable and silent solution, in addition to being environmentally friendly, the electric E-scooters of Ride & Blue.

Ride & Blue is an eco-friendly company that puts at our disposal the electric E-scooters, these vehicles, apart from silent ones,
They are easy to handle, have a double seat, have an autonomy of approximately 100 km with the full load, have 3 driving modes, with a top speed of 80 km / hour and an acceleration from 0 to 50km / hour in less than 4 seconds, you can drive on all public roads of Mallorca, even on the highway.

The rental of the E-scooter includes 2 helmets and all-risk insurance in addition to roadside assistance. You can rent from 3 hours for € 15 at our reception.

Do not hesitate, enter and ask for the different rates we offer.

30/10/2019 Categories: WebLectures