Do you know that you can save a lot of money just by changing your electric bill?

In the free electricity market, since there are no reference prices, each company offers discounts on its electricity rate.

Our colleagues from Electric21 offer you, free of charge and without any obligation, a detailed study of your electricity bill, in which they analyze the REAL SAVINGS (not on theoretical discount) that is the best option for your contract.

Due to the accumulated experience in the commercialization of products and services, its vocation to advise and find the best solutions for its clients, constitute the main pillars of its work philosophy. Having the best professionals is also one of its main premises.

Send them your electricity bill by e-mail or by fax and they will answer you in 48 hours with the REAL SAVINGS that you can get on your electricity bill. info@electric21.es

Your customers have already benefited from significant savings in their electricity consumption (generally between 10 and 20%), without suffering any incidence in their supply, only the change of bill.

Reduce your electricity bill, NOW!

In addition to the detailed study of your electricity bill and recommendation on the most appropriate rate, they offer you energy audit services:

1. Evaluating the operating parameters of the electrical installation.
2. Advising on the convenience of improvements in said installation.
3. Installation of equipment that reduces reactive energy, energy efficient equipment.
4. Equipment for the improvement of performance and quality of the installation.
5. Installing online monitoring and control software via the web of consumption by electrical groups.

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