With the beginning of the new year, many of us stop to think about what we are going to do throughout the year, be it in terms of travel, business, family, vacations ... And we also propose new goals as well as new achievements to achieve. You may need a place to work or simply meet with a client or supplier and get everything you set your mind little by little.

At Mallorca Office we have several spaces, both open and private, from small offices of 7.5m2 to offices of 40m2. We also have virtual offices as well as a Coworking space. We are as flexible as space and time!

Mallorca Office is each of the companies that beat down the aisles; Mallorca Office is the synergies that are generated and shared, the camaraderie and the abundance.

We try to be more than just a business center in Mallorca. We seek to go one step further, to be part of something bigger. That is why we always promote positive synergies and collaboration in our facilities. Fellowship is more than just peer relationships, it can be spread across different companies.

At Mallorca Office we do not have the traditional concept of renting offices in Palma, we are a modern business center where you have the opportunity to grow freely and always connected to other professionals, freelancers, start-ups or delegations of large companies. A small world in which your work life finds the best ecosystem.

For more information, you can contact us at 971 706 882 or via email:

We hope that in this year 2020 you have many successes !!

08/01/2020 Categories: OfficeWeb