The bustle of the office, the client and their demands, the important meeting the next day, the uncertainty of the business at hand, the deadlines to deliver that work that are running out, the pressure of the boss, the life inside and outside the office,...

Sometimes we have that feeling of traffic jam, of frustration because things don`t go the way we want them to, sometimes what we just forget is to stop and breathe, even if it`s only 2 seconds. That is why the corridors of the Mallorca Office try to remind us of this in every corner, stopping and breathing is essential to see more clearly. Many of the problems that we face every day become simpler with the simple action of breathing, sending a little oxygen to our saturated heads to refresh ideas.

In the hardest moments, in those moments when it seems that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, when we believe that there is no way out, we must stop and thank, thank that we are here and now, because there is always a way out for everything. To begin by thanking the little moments, like that smile that makes us happy in the morning when we enter the office and a long day awaits us, that coffee break in our canteen, that disconnects us from our work, even for a moment, breathing in an environment Cozy like our chill out or simply sitting on the puffs and sofas in our rest areas, it is equal or more important than our own work, it is part of it.

That moment is essential for our performance and at Mallorca Office we campaign in favor of those 2 seconds. Don`t forget to breathe!

11/02/2020 Categories: OfficeWeb