We are necessarily living a time of change and above all the way of working is changing, we are in the process of adapting to the new needs that are emerging and many companies are realizing that working from home is a solution when it comes to saving expenses . Every time there is an increasing commitment to different work concepts and a very feasible solution is the Virtual Office, which allows you to have a fiscal address, separating life from home with work, forgetting about receiving correspondence and which also gives you the opportunity , if necessary, to hold meetings in a business environment, always taking adequate security measures.

At Mallorca Office we know that it is not easy to maintain a Physical Office, especially in these uncertain times that we are going through, which is why we understand that both our clients and potential potential clients need, for this situation, certain more flexible professional services. Our Virtual Offices can offer a practical and cheaper solution to the problems that many are going through at the moment.

Our Virtual Offices allow you to have:

- Collection of parcels and correspondence,
- Tax and postal address,
- Access to the business center within reception hours,
- 4h per month of use of meeting rooms (max. Up to 8 people).

Always complying with current regulations and the necessary security measures, from € 60 / month + VAT

If you want more information, call us at 971 70 68 82, visit the Virtual Office and Virtual Office Plus offers on our website or get in touch with us through the Contact Form

To problems, Solutions !!

30/04/2020 Categories: OfficeLectures