We have almost passed the worst, the de-escalation begins and the best way to cure ourselves in health is prevention, so that we do not have to regret later for not having acted with caution.

With the transition to the "new normal", we open our doors to the public, "poc a poc i amb bona lletra", with all possible means within our reach, to guarantee the safety of our clients and that they, at their Once, they can be calm to receive their own.

At Mallorca Office we are totally convinced that we are capable of stopping this pandemic by acting responsibly, for this we have installed hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in entrances and common areas, we have gloves and masks for our staff and for those who need them, we have doubled the shifts cleaning of our facilities, providing thorough cleaning and disinfection, after each meeting in our rooms, we have an ozone machine, which is used in disinfection and cleaning of environments, odor elimination, water treatment and purification, and In medical treatments, we have also installed security systems to maintain distances, both in our reception and in the Canteen, which is already back with all the necessary security measures, serving their delicious dishes through the window and respecting the established hygiene standards, thus guaranteeing the safety of our customers.

It is difficult to trust the hygiene and safety conditions of closed spaces, that is why we adapt to the basic needs, in these times, so that we do not relapse again and that we can all get out of this situation together because we are capable, taking the appropriate measures and keeping their distance, together.

15/05/2020 Categories: WebLectures