Covid-19 has come into our lives as a Tsunami, an unforeseeable event of extreme gravity, everything has changed and there is still much to change, we must be prepared, anticipate scenarios regardless of uncertainty, because we are also in a moment of opportunity, we can transform old and obsolete work models, understand and respond today to the world of tomorrow, transform ourselves to guarantee the survival of our businesses and turn them into companies of the future.

Rosa María Diaz and Paola Somoza, with the collaboration of: Missis Bravo, Mouse & tie, Mallorca Office, Wrapping Mallorca and Dino Byte present "life after a tsunami", the first talk-colloquium by two experts: Silvia Delgado, facilitator of processes of transformation of people and companies, speaker of the future of employment and entrepreneur and Cristina Beascoechea, senior management coach, who helps senior managers and professionals to find the clarity, focus and power they need to make the best decisions in complex moments like this. During 60 minutes they will be dedicated to debating and reflecting on the future, changes have already occurred and there are still more changes, which will definitely come and for which we must be prepared to face them.

Silvia Delgado is an expert in anticipating trends and she comes to "shake us up" so that we react to everything that comes our way. She will talk about the 4th revolution or the era of robotics, about how in the not too distant future, a high percentage of professions They will become obsolete, there are already robots among us, lawyers, doctors, priests, ... He also talks about autonomous cars, nano technology, mentions the deployment of cameras that has been made in China for example and that endangers our privacy, energy solar versus the gasoline giant. He warns us that we have to get out of our comfort zone and believes that the positive side of this situation is that it is a good time to innovate. He will talk about how many professional aspects have already changed and what we can do, in other words, where we can go, taking into account all these changes and those that will happen, after a tsunami there is no going back. He will mention new technologies as tools to adapt to new work needs.

Cristina Beascoechea helps us to "put our feet on the ground", she talks about the different phases we are going through, shock, denial, anger / anger, sadness / disappointment and the most important of all, acceptance, and emphasizes In this last phase, it is imperative to reach it and help others to arrive, because without it it will be impossible for us to start over, taking into account everything that has changed and will change, in order to move forward. It also conducts a survey among viewers to find out our degree of uncertainty in the current situation. He will comment on the concept of generating spaces for listening, both individually and collectively, focusing effort on concern for workers, who feel safe. It raises the moral question of who we are and where we are going, remember that calm is essential for development, it makes us reconsider the balance of what we have lost and what we still have among the losses suffered in the face of this "tsunami", he suggests planning in the short term, weighing the situation and encourages us to focus on our Soft Skills and focus priorities. Come to a conclusion: How can we regain our power? According to her, we have to face a different type of leadership, committed to the company, society and the world and she asks us a very good question: how do we want to be remembered?

As a special collaboration, the Mallorcan group Madera de Sándalo will delight us with a delicious concert in the middle of the program.


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