Wise reflections from our colleague at Mallorca Office, Toni Llinás, who reminds us how we have to evaluate moments, whether good or bad, to make life more bearable:

Life is made of moments. Good and not so good moments. Each of those
"Bits" are what at the end of your time can determine how profitable your life has been. I always remember a mentor I had who said to me: “Toni, there are no good things or bad things. There are only things that make you feel good or that don`t make you feel so good.

To have a full life and also be grateful, you have to add good moments. The main thing is to make the quantity and quality of these is superior in number with respect to the not so good moments. It`s like having a bank account in which you add and subtract, always ensuring that the sum is greater than the subtraction. But if at some point you have to subtract, you also have to be grateful because it is still one more moment (even if it is not so good) that you have added to your life.

The key is that you do not focus on what you are losing and what you have left to avoid the situation from catching you.

18/08/2020 Categories: OfficeWebLectures