At Mallorca Office it is always a joy to see our clients grow, and this is the case of one of the newest companies on our staff, which has recently moved to a larger office in our facilities.




Currently the procedures and actions to sell, buy and rent a property are increasingly complicated and difficult. The negotiations to be carried out, both by sellers and buyers, are increasingly complex and require the mediation of strictly professional real estate intermediaries.

For this reason, we want to introduce you to BARREIRO & REY, who know the current market, they make it easier for you to manage the purchase and sale of your property. These are some of its services:

Help in Purchase-Sale procedures:

The entire process from the moment you sign the sale or rental management and mediation service to the final notary services.

Advice at the best market value price:

They offer to carry out a personalized market study to advise you on the best initial sale price.

Filter and Select visits:

Their job is to select only those potential buyers who are really interested in your property.

Avoid common mistakes in the Buy-Sell process:

It is up to us to fully know the economic potential that the buyer has, as well as the expenses that must be assumed by the previous owner and the confirmation that the property that he acquires is free of charges and debts.

They advise you the Best Visibility to sell your property:

Home Staging as a real estate marketing technique.
Home Staging consists of preparing a property for its commercialization in the real estate market, either for sale or for rent.

They propose a good Marketing plan:

The use of the Internet to promote and sell a Property is currently the best option to sell it. The Internet is a great information tool and facilitates the initial home search process.

With all these advantages it is normal not to hesitate and get in touch with them!

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