This week we want to talk about Daimo Construïm, one of the companies that has been with us the longest and one that has evolved the most within the center, moving from one office to another, according to their needs. This week is news because they continue to evolve. From the hand of our digital marketing consultant, Eugenia Morlans, who from now on will be in charge of the networks, as well as our incredible photographer, Susana Bravo from Missis Bravo Films, who has renewed Daimo`s repertoire. These collaborations were born thanks to the synergy that is created in our business center. We are glad to see that more and more, our clients are encouraged to collaborate with each other, to carry out their projects. A collaboration, which has been possible, once again, thanks to the synergy that Mallorca Office gives off, we provide the space, you create the magic.

Construction company with a long history

Daimo Construïm, headed by the CEO, David Ruiz, a professional like the crown of a pine tree, is made up of a group of highly qualified construction professionals, who provide solutions to the specific needs of their clients, carry out construction projects from the realization of the plans to the completion of the work, meeting the established deadlines and taking care of every last detail. That is why Daimo Construïm is with you from start to finish.


08/03/2021 Categories: OfficeWeb