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Surely you have already heard about them at some point, especially on our social networks, even so, today we want to dedicate our blog entry to our colleagues from office # 6, ACADEMIA GUARDIANES.

They are the youngest entrepreneurs at MallorcaOffice. In 2019 they created a Goalkeeping Academy so that children, adolescents and even adults are motivated every day with their hobby. In addition to training them in their physical development, the great value of the Guardians Academy is that these athletes are also trained by great professionals who give them confidence, security, belonging to a healthy group ... in short, a knowledge that goes far beyond the route that a soccer field gives. All this is summed up in their main motto: "They train goalkeepers, they train people."

They also help them create a pineapple among themselves, which is essential to be able to have a good soccer team on the field, and a way of dealing with the promising future of the boys. They always try to make the most of all the parties that there are during the year to meet with them and do intensive training. Like, for example, the Easter Campus, in which a good group of boys have gathered at the d`Alaró football field, in which, apart from training, they have been able to spend a good time together doing what they want! they like more!

Matías Ferrer, is also YouTuber, and you will surely know him better as Reykob 7.0. Relatively recently, he had an interview at IB3, and we want to share it with you: INTERVIEW

In this interview, he explains how the current situation has forced a change in the way athletes communicate. Thanks to social networks, athletes from all over the world can communicate in a much more direct way with fans.

We love seeing how our clients are succeeding in their work environment!

Just as Matías has managed to carry out his project from his office in our business center, you can do it too.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about our offices, do not hesitate to contact us !!

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