Choose the package that best suits your business, your way of working ... or ask us to create one especially for you.


Classic concept office, you have everything except the risks. Hire only the meters that you need and enjoy all of the extra benefits that you can get for belonging to Mallorca Office from minute one. From € 198 / month


You will have your own table and locker in an open concept space shared with other liberal professionals. A spacious place, with natural light and a great atmosphere, with all the services of a large company. Perfect for people who need to leave their house to be productive. From 95 € / month


Come to work whenever you want or you can and pay only for that time and that space. With all the services of a great company in a creative, productive and healthy environment. According to our study of Feng Shui, it is the best area to start. Flexible rate according to your needs (hours, days, weeks ...). From 60 € / month


This is the hiring of a tax address: physically you do not come to the office, but legally you have a place where you receive correspondence. Ideal if you work from home to avoid mixing legal and business issues with personal ones. From 60 € / month


Furthermore, if you hire the “PLUS” you will have more hours available for the meeting rooms and personalized phone service .From 95€/month


All our rooms are rented independently. They have different capacities and different possibilities of distribution so that they can be adapted to meetings, lectures, courses, showrooms, catering, etc. We have 5 rooms with capacity from 4 up to 40 people.

Aside from that you can also hire…

We can privide your company with telephone service performed by a specialised or ad hoc trained receptionist if needed .

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¿Do you need more data speed, a more powerful connection? We can get it for you. Full speed.

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Parking for cars, bikes and motorcycles.

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Forget about buying paper, pens, post-it, etc. You can order everything at the centre and have it straight away in your office.

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Our canteen has the infrastructure to offer catering service at a very affordable price as it does not entail transportation or delivery costs. Coffee break, lunch, cocktails…

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